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Home Warranty Inspector

Mr. Steve Vail has been an acknowledged and “go to” Home Inspector for the Progressive Home Warranty Company since 2014 and has conducted hundreds of site assesments. 

Mr. Vail is a construction and Home Repair expert who also manages his own Construction and Home Builder Management companies.

Mr. Vail is often consulted for warranty work that may result in civil lawsuits being filed and enjoys the intrinsic challenges of sourcing out the problem for Homeowners.

Mr. Vail was also the only Southern Alberta Builder to participate in the development of the 2014 Mandatory Home Warranty (I think we may have a foundation problem ) Program.

If you suspect that you have a Home Warranty issues, please feel free to reach out to Mr. Vail.

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Progressive Home Warranty (PHW) has been partnered with Steve Vail and The Seventies Homes Canada Inc since 2014. The Seventies Homes Canada Inc has enrolled over 170 projects and PHW has completed nearly 300 site assessments. The Seventies Homes Canada Inc has proven year after year that they are one of Alberta’s premier homebuilders and retailers as they have maintained a claim free builder’s status. 

Building a quality product, while providing excellent customer service, is their primary focus and has helped expand their operations. With their wide variety of expertise, PHW has relied on them multiple times as their claims contractor of choice.

Steve Vail understands the true value of a one stop shop for his clients. From foundation to finish, The Seventies Homes Canada Inc, provides a full range of services, working closely with vetted, qualified trades and suppliers.

The Seventies Homes Canada Inc has also earned the top tier in our warranty program. This rating reflects all aspects of business from quality construction, claims ratios and their timeliness with membership related documents. It’s an honor to work with Steve and his company and we look forward to many more years of continued partnership.


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John Eaton – VP Sales
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If you are having a problem with your home while it is under warranty please contact Mr. Steve Vail to work for you to get the matter solved.

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Cell: 1-403-816-8426