How To Make A Warranty Claim

home warranty investigations

IF our investigation reveals that there is a problem that needs repair then we can assist you in making a proper warranty claim with your insurance provider.

Making a Warranty Claim:

1. Engage us using the linked Support Agreement and we will investigate then support you during the process.


NOTE: Often the Warrantor will engage us directly.


2. After our visit to your property, we will provide you with a copy of our report. Be sure to review this report prior to going forward with your claim. If you have any questions, please contact us to discuss them.


3. IF you decide to proceed with your claim then please prepare a letter to your Home Warranty provider, be sure to check their website as many Home Warranty providers already have a form or process outlined on their website.

a. Be sure to include any photos or even better short, narrated video clips where you are describing the problem while you video.

b. Be sure to use our report.

c. If you need assistance completing the form, please contact us. And we will help you to complete the form.


4. Once your application has been submitted, please print out a digital copy of the application and attach dates to the steps taken along the way for your records.


5. When the Insurer responds feel free to contact us to discuss their response.


6. Good luck!

Information Links on Home Warranty Claims:

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If you are having a problem with your home while it is under warranty please contact Mr. Steve Vail to work for you to get the matter solved.

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